Friday, March 26, 2010

Excited about Macie

Macie Carter's novella came out yesterday? The day before? I've had a strange few days so my time sense is nutty.

Macie is a pen-name for the not-so-innocent author. She's a member of Greater Lehigh Valley Writer's Group and Pocono-Lehigh Romance Writers. And I admire her.

Every time one of my writer friends has a book published, I consider buying it. Many times I don't because the excerpts offered by the publisher commit one of the writing habits that annoy me. Macie's excerpt truly enticed me.

So, I bought it. At $2.50 even unemployed me could indulge. I am so eager to read it, perhaps after I finish my paper for school, or even after my job interview today... before the GLVWG conference.

What attracted me to the excerpt? (Pun intended.) Real life situations. No passive voice. Feelings that I could identify with.

And I'm a harsh critique. So congratulations, Macie! (I almost typed your real name... )


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