Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I attended a writing related gathering tonight, spearheaded by Ellen Roberts of Where Books Begin/Woodley Books. We all gathered at her home last December in these final days of the years to chronicle our writing goals for 2009. Now, close to 2010, we met to review our goals and see how we did.

Mine was to get my web site up. I think I had other goals too, and perhaps in the interest of time she didn't read them all, or maybe she wanted to stick to the one she knew I 'achieved.' I say that in quotes because I'm not content with where that project has gone. I have registered the domain, and we made a site, that was exactly what I asked for but I didn't like it.

But the important thing is what we set as our goals for next year.

I encourage you all to take a moment and write down some goals for yourself, all things you think you can achieve in 2010. It helps give focus. And post them somewhere you can see them.

  1. Continue networking, looking for people that will help me get where I want to be with agents/editors. (I'm a big believer in querying people you know versus blindly mailing them.)
  2. Finish revisions to book two, maybe revise book three. But I cannot skip the revisions to book two and move straight to book three. MUST FIX TWO FIRST.
  3. Promote myself for my creative activities over my practical ones.
  4. Beef up the bad guys.
How about you? What are your goals? Goals keep us focused and motivated. Even when we fail to meet our goals, we learn something...

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