Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Multiple projects

Thanks to inspiration from Saturday's workshops, I have decided to convert my paranormal suspense manuscript into a paranormal romance. The story was already a love story, but it had a rather heartbreaking ending so switching the genre is more or less a matter of changing it to a happy ending.

Then I can submit.

So, I was in the middle of changes based on the input from my critique group on Chapter Seven of Courting Apparitions. And in my head, I'm still working on Chapter 17 of Courting Apparitions (it's a sexy chapter and I'm in the mood). Plus while walking to school, I decided to edit the beginning of the manuscript of Courting Apparitions to edit out Adelaide's parents.


So, with just that, I have two projects underway and seriously something I'm actively working on:
1. Courting Apparitions, the second volume of my Fashion and Fiends paranormal chick lit series
2. Allegheny Beast, my former paranormal suspense about to become a paranormal romance

But I still want to work on the historical paranormal YA set in 17th century Ireland. And the post WWII werewolf short story.

I think this is a time to devote energy to whatever project feels like I'd be most productive on... and make sure I devote extra effort to the project that I think I can sell.

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  1. sounds like a good plan. It's always hardest to sell the first book.