Monday, January 18, 2010

Troublesome Chapter Six

My self-imposed goal for this year is to revise a chapter a week of my second novel, Courting Apparitions. I needed chapter six complete last night, and spent an hour an a half trying to find the write transition between the two halves of the chapter.

I was merging elements from the revised chapters five and six, plus an older version of chapter eight, AND parts of the original chapter twelve.

It was painful.

I finished it a few minutes ago. I got the job done last night but reread and smoothed this morning.

Sometimes, the hardest goals/deadlines to meet are those that are self-imposed. At the same token, missing these goals cause the most disappointment because you made them yourself and you should know your own capabilities. On the opposite side, when you greet them, there is enormous relief and satisfaction... but it is fleeting, after all, no one will pat you on the back for meeting your own goal.

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