Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Freedom of Bad News

I’m an optimist, though people find it hard to believe because I always assume the worst. I always think scenarios through to the worst case scenario. I truly think things work out for the best, but in order to reassure myself I have to know how I would handle the worst case. This makes me a handy companion in a crisis. Whether its storing bottled water and having non-perishable food on hand for a hurricane or merely taking a bar of soap from a hotel in Paris when leaving for Africa just in case… I like preparation.

I received some potentially bad news today. It made me realize that even though in my head I’m planning what I would do if we have to sell our house, that I’m not afraid of that happening. Bad news and even bad things provide new beginnings and often these are the new beginnings that push us out of our comfort zone. We have to change to respond to bad things. We can’t maintain the status quo.

And there’s a freedom in that.

There’s a freedom in knowing the worst case isn’t so bad. Or that you faced the worst case and survived. Or that you outwitted the worst case scenario and made a better scenario. Can bad tidings perhaps be synonymous with hope?

Sometimes the universe kicks us in the butt. Sometimes it’s a nudge. Sometimes it’s a flamethrower.

The uncertainty is certainly more unnerving than the worst case or best case scenario. But what can we do? We live. We try. We embrace the good moments. 

Onward ho. 

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