Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Rejection

Monday I broke four teeth and got stitches.

The next week, I gave myself a rather large second degree burn on my hip.

The day after that, I received this in an agent rejection:

"Thanks for your patience with my getting back to you. I really enjoyed reading MANIPULATIONS. You are clearly a talented writer and I think Adelaide is a character readers will connect with. I also think you’ve developed a really rich story."

Sigh. Form letter rejections are so much easier. 

Back to submissions. Someone needs to kidnap me, give me a laptop and Internet connection with good music... And reward me with food for each query I submit.


  1. first you get well so you can eat. In a week Skillman will be empty. i could bring you food ....

    on M/F you can hang out here and I'll feed you. Good internet connection. I have a laptop, but really you have one too. You don't have to type on a phone.

  2. Yes, that should read give me "my" laptop